JP-Patricia Powell, Membership & Evangelism Director

Jesus Princess Mother Patricia, Killeen, Texas

Membership & Evangelism Director


Elder Patricia Powell, fondly known as Mother Patricia Powell, is a mighty prayer warrior and intercessor who ignites the flames in prayer, serving notice to the devil that no weapon that has been formed against God’s people shall prosper.  In her obedience to the call of God, Elder Powell accepted Christ into her life at the age of 13 and began ministry concurrently. Out of her pain of feeling unloved at 13, God birth a heartfelt passion in her to minister His love to a person’s whole being – spirit, mind, body, and soul – by sharing the Word of God, encouraging intimate relationships with God, and teaching others to apply the Word in everyday life situations.


Ministry Background:

Through military travels with her husband, she resided in Orlando, FL in (1983-1984) where she served in law enforcement. Elder Powell’s ministry was cultivated during her 3½-year stay in Germany in (1987-1992) where she was ordained an Evangelist and Mother of Faith Tabernacle of God Ministry. While serving in this ministry under Evangelist Aresenia Sapp, Elder Powell was ordained to Pastor and pastored for 2 ½ years. She moved to Killeen, TX in 1986 and now serves under Bishop G.L. and Pastor Danielle Grace at Balanced Believers Ministry. Under the leadership of the Holy Ghost, she serves as Elder, Mother, teacher, exalter, prayer warrior, intercessor, and in evangelism. Prior to serving as a security guard at TDCJ, Elder Powell used her dental assistance certification to work in the dental field for two years. Retired from TDCJ after 20 years of service, Elder Powell currently demonstrates the essence of God, sharing God’s Word and God’s Love as a Radio host on KRGN 98.5 – FEARLESS POWELL. This Mother truly loves God, loves to Worship, and loves people!


Family information:

Born in Notasulga, Alabama, Elder Powell has traveled to different states and countries supporting her husband, Minister Michael Powell, who is now a military veteran. She and her husband, Michael, have been married for 31 years. From their union, they have two beautiful daughters  – Alicia and Jamilla.



Elder Powell graduated from Barton community college in 1992 and currently holds a certification as a Faith-based Christian Counselor.



In her spare time Elder Powell enjoys reading books that encourage her to be a better person in Christ and developing better leadership skills to lead God’s people. She also enjoys cooking and fellowship. Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:31 ~ “what shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

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