JP-Timothy Kizito, Eastern Africa Exec. Dir.

Jesus Prince Timothy, Kampala, Uganda

Eastern Africa Division Executive Director

Apostle Timothy Kizito is the Founder of The Real Fathers Ministries International and The Real Fathers Bible Institute. He is an author of Books like Seven Days To Your Spiritual Perfection, The Secret of A Woman’s Power and Strong Church Growth by Principles, his desire is to see things done principally, and he goes with that old saying  that says that “policies can change, but principles will never change!” Apostle Timothy loves church planting and raising as many leaders as he can under The Real Fathers Institute. He is married to Winfred and have four children living in the suburbs of the capital city Kampala, Uganda. East Africa.

The Real Fathers Ministries International Was Founded on These Pillars:

  1. To be Spiritual Fathers to the Spiritually Fatherless
  2. To Train and Raise Church Leaders
  3. To Establish Plurality of Leadership as the Church Leadership Style
  4. To Promote and Establish the Five-fold Ministry in Churches
  5. To Be a Ministry Consultancy Center for all Ministers and Leaders.
  6. To help old or aged ministers to retire from ministry peacefully and willingly.
  7. Reach out to the physical orphans of the land.

Under this, my heart’s desire is to see mature people of the Lord; I believe that maturity is attainable. Perfection is worked for, and therefore, as Church Leaders we ought to know what to do to bless and mature the people of the Lord. I know that one man cannot make it on his own and therefore need others fellow laborers to work hand in hand to perfect the saints according to Ephesians 4:11-16.

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